Make Life Beautiful: The Vision

There's a feeling that comes with experiencing a beautiful place for the first time. Whenever I visit a new city I always go feet first. Very rarely will I take any other form of transportation when the distance is walk-able. I love getting a first hand interaction with a city. It's hard to describe the joy that comes from this interaction, but seeing something for the first time allows you to truly take in all of its beauty. When I'm not traveling, I miss that feeling. I often close my eyes and reminisce of walking down unfamiliar streets along the bay front in San Diego or finding a coffee shop a block from our bed and breakfast in Key West. Another way I can briefly experience this beauty is through Instagram. It seems superficial, but sometimes I just want to jump into one of those filters. Obviously, life has its ups and downs, but I've never understood why many fail to take on each day as a new adventure. Here is your adventure. Read, dive into the picture, and make your life beautiful.

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