How to Blend Your Styles: Moving In and Making It Work

When my husband and I got engaged and began talking about making his home into our home, it was clear that we were going to butt heads in several areas. He had lived the life of a bachelor for 3 years and separating him from some of his beloved (yet very tattered) possessions was like attempting to sever a limb from his body. Many of the items had been gifts or extraordinary finds from his travels. It was like a game of chess trying to fit all the pieces together, but eventually we made it work. Moving in with your spouse can be a long hard game of compromise, but here are a few tips to smooth out the process.

1. Purge: Before you start asking your spouse to trash all the items you find atrocious or obsolete, start by taking an inventory of your own belongings. What do you have that you no longer need, use, or even like? What are you holding onto simply because it has significance? Ask your partner for advice on a few unimportant items so that he can see your attempt at compromise.

2. Compliment: Find a few of your spouse's items that you actually like and let him know you'd like to keep them. Listen when he mentions the value that he has in something and let him know that you appreciate his more sentimental side.

3. Add Color: Men typically don't think in color, or when they do it's only one color... brown. Don't let the excessive amount of beige overwhelm you. Think about little things that you can add to distribute a little more color. Try changing the curtains, adding throw pillows, and changing out frames. These little changes will be less stressful for the both of you.

4. Buy New: It's likely your partner has been dying to get a new dining room table or bed for the past year and simply hasn't made a decision. When you can, pick something new out together. It's a huge accomplishment to choose something that you both enjoy and will get to share in your new home.

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