Coffee Snobbery: Starbucks Fails

I think even the snobbiest of coffee lovers can admit they love a quick and easy stop at Starbucks every now and then. Okay, maybe not. The coffee giant isn't for everyone, but those of us aspiring connoisseurs like to take the easy route from time to time. However, there are a few drinks that Starbucks is fooling you with.

The Coffee
Let's start from the beginning. Many people have stated that Starbucks burns their beans during roasting. Beans are temperamental and require a slow process of heating.  This seems to be the culprit when it comes to the bitterness of Starbucks coffee. If you are going to make a Starbucks run it's better to go with an espresso drink or a dessert-like frappucino (which there is no shame in!)

What Starbucks calls a macchiato is actually more akin to a latte. The typical macchiato is made with one shot espresso and a very small amount of steamed milk. Starbucks version is about 3 parts milk 1 part espresso. Now it seems that Starbucks has recently added separate espresso macchiatos and latte macchiatos to appease customers.

Cold Brew
I have yet to figure out how Starbucks is lying to us about this one, but I can tell you that their cold brew is nothing like the real thing! Cold brew should be smooth and drinkable without cream. This fail is still under investigation.

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