Coffee Snobbery: Coffee Notes

Notes are the different flavor dynamics present in a cup of coffee. They range in intensity depending on the brewing method, but a quick guide can help you identify the notes that you like and avoid the ones you don't. Here are just a few notes and how to recognize them.

Earthy vs. Fruity
Coffee notes are typically categorized by either earthy or fruity. Earthy notes range from subtle to intense. More intense notes tend to be present in darker roasts and have a richer flavor. Fruit notes represent most of the acidity in coffee.

Notes are distinguished by their similarities to other foods and elements. However, just because you like fruit doesn't necessarily mean that you'll like a fruity note in your coffee since it contains more acidity. Ask for a description of the coffee when you go to a cafe. After a while you will be able to recognize the different notes and determine your preferences.

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