Coffee Snobbery

Over the next few weeks I will be starting a series about one of my most favorite things on the planet... coffee. I love coffee, but I've never been the super hipster gal that knows all the lingo and what to order. However I have a few friends who I almost seem to offend when I talk about coffee. They are coffee aficionados and the perfect coffee snobs. I love them, but let's be honest I kind of envy them. I mean what coffee lover doesn't want to find a way to get the perfect cup every time? But how can you possibly order or make the perfect cup of coffee when you don't know the lingo? That's what this series is all about! I'll teach you the basics of coffee snobbery so that you can stop offending the coffee gurus and start soaking up the deliciousness. I'll be posting every Monday for the next 6 weeks so that you can become a pro.


August 22nd - The Coffee Snob Dictionary 
All the coffee lingo you need to know

August 29th - Get Your Grind On 
All about the different kinds of grounds and what they're used for

September 5th - Home Brew 
The best brew options to do at home

September 12th - Coffee Notes
All about the different coffee notes and how to decipher them

September 19th - Starbucks Fails
The coffee drinks with which Starbucks has fooled you

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