Musical Discoveries

Last week I spent time at a youth camp in Cleveland, Tennessee where a band blasted praise music to more than 1,000 students morning and night. It's always an amazing experience. Music is a great inspiration to me and the many thousands of young people who will get to experience this camp over the next few weeks.

One musical discovery was a band called Johnnyswim. The praise band covered a song by them called Hallelujah and the original is definitely worth a listen. This folk duo will sing to your heart and the video will inspire you to do Kingdom Work.

The next discovery was a song I've heard before, but it connected in a different way after this week. Needtobreathe's Multiplied has been a favorite among the Christian community for a while, and I must say nothing does this song justice like my good friend Livy's video of her time in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan 2016 from Olivia Taylor on Vimeo.

If you liked Livy's work be on the lookout for our collaboration video from our week in Tennessee.

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