Think Outside the Diamond: Unique Engagement Rings

As the engagement season begins to come to a close you may still be waiting around for that perfect ring, or you may be gearing up for a new year to find love. Either way millions of girls around the world are dreaming of the perfect ring to mark a special bond between them and their one true love. Unfortunately, when thinking of the perfect engagement ring the same image pops into every girls mind. When I got engaged there was one thing I knew I didn't want... the same thing everyone else had. And let's face it the diamond is so overdone.

It wasn't until the 1900's that diamonds became a popular gemstone among the general public. Previously, diamonds were only possessed by kings and queens (which probably increased their desirability). In the meantime, however, common people wore less rare gemstones made of brilliant colors and precious metals. When we think back on our grandmothers' jewelry collections we remember all of these beautiful colors and antique designs: emeralds, sapphires, even pearls. There is such a symbolic beauty to these pieces. Having a family heirloom or antique inspired engagement ring is a more unique way to say "Yes."

Here are a few alternatives to the typical diamond engagement ring.

1. Morganite and Rose Gold

Rose Gold is becoming increasingly more popular. It is more versatile and complements all skin tones. Morganite is also gaining in popularity with a similar makeup to emeralds this pinkish colored stone is soft and elegant.

2.  Opal
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This opal is incredibly unique with amazing vintage quality. The setting even mimics the Edwardian setting of the Victorian age.

3. Art Deco Emerald and Pearl
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This art deco ring will make you feel like your marrying Gatsby himself. The pearl setting adds a unique flare that is not for the faint of heart.

4. Pearl
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Simple, but classic this pearl ring is perfect for the girl who likes to make a subtle statement. 

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