The Art of Making a Comeback

The beginning of a new year is a great time to start over or for many start again. I find that I go through motivational cycles. The new year is one of those times where I feel reenergized and begin the process of reinventing myself and my brand. Morning Lux has always been a great format for this evolution. I get the chance to ebb and flow with the trends and with my own creativity. As this new year begins you will definitely see some new things here on Morning Lux. I want to more clearly define the brand of this blog by including a variety of material. Like opening the newspaper every morning, when you check Morning Lux you will find everything from pop culture to personal short stories and fictional work. I hope that this revitalized perspective will help my creativity blossom while simultaneously inspiring creativity in others. 

So, good morning Luxers! How will you seize the new year?

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