Should You Subscribe?: Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes started off as a new and innovative way to get products directly to your door. Most of the early creators were beauty boxes boasting samples of new products. Now subscription boxes have spread to healthy snacks, shave clubs, and even pet toys. If there's a niche, subscription companies will find it and invade it.

From the beginning, I felt that subscription boxes were not for me. Beauty boxes seemed great for full-time youtubers, beauty gurus, and makeup artists, but I couldn't validate spending money on items I may or may not even like. Then, when snack foods hit the scene I was intrigued. I can get food delivered to my door every month? Now, that I'd be willing to experiment with. However, I noticed that many of these companies were making money off of forgetful subscribers. Even when you don't place an order, you get charged. You are paying them... for nothing. So you have to make sure to read the fine print.

Subscription boxes are good if you...
- Aren't picky.
- Are organized
- Love a good deal.

As long as you remember to put your order in for the month (or cancel for the month), you really are getting a good deal. Just don't be picky. You get what you get. There's always the opportunity to communicate with other subscribers and exchange products.

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