Luggage for Every Occasion

I have been in nonstop travel mode this month. I just got home from traveling the midwest, and in just a few days I'm headed to the first of two conferences. Like every fashionista, I like to change things up when it comes to luggage. I love finding trendy pieces that can travel to any location. Here are my favorite bags for every occasion.

Henri Bendel Weekender Bag
Overnight bags are great for short weekend getaways. Whether it's a short trip to the beach or a wedding weekend, these bags are big enough for all your glamorous accessories, but don't leave room for overpacking.

Vintage Suitcase
Christian Dior Vintage Briefcase
This stylish luggage is best for road trips or train rides. It makes a statement, but the statement shouldn't be "Why did I decide to lug this thing across the airport?"

Printed Suitcase
Loudmouth Expandable Suitcase
For longer trips and air travel go with a rolling printed suitcase. I can't tell you how many times I hear of someone's black luggage getting mistaken. Forgo the colorful ribbon and pick out an eye catching print instead.

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