Unisex Gift Guide

Am I the only one that gravitates towards the guy gifts at the store? All the girl gifts are the same: jewelry, scarves, monogrammed tumblers. Don't get me wrong those are great, but every now and then I want to geek out with the guys. Whether you are shopping for Father's Day, wedding season, or a friend's birthday here are some unisex gifts that work for everyone.

Unisex Gift Guide

1. Moscow Mule Mug: I've become obsessed with Moscow Mule's lately. You just feel so sophisticated when you drink them. This mug just justifies your arrogance even more.

2. Candle: Ladies are naturally attracted to masculine scents. It's biological. And what guy doesn't love the smell of cigars?

3. Headphones: Marshall makes high quality headphones and speakers. These are perfect for travel or sitting in your lounge chair at home.

4. Doctor's Bag: The men can feel masculine with this stylish bag, and the ladies can appreciate the vintage appeal.

5. Sunglasses: These Ray-Bans are classic, and they look great on anyone.

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