Thrifty Thursday: The Basics

I am just full of tips and tricks lately. Just consider me the Samantha in your friend group. You know the older, more "experienced" friend. (I can't resist a good Sex and the City reference.) Today's tips are all about thrifting. I like to consider these the basics. If you've never thrifted before, this is the place to start.

There are a lot of great things to be found at resale stores, but finding a great thrifted piece can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Here are a few of my tips for making the most out of your thrifting experience.

1. Make a day of it. Do a google search of great thrift stores in your area. Thrifting is not a one stop shop. It takes some searching to find the perfect piece. You might also have to ask around to find those hidden gems.

2. Be diligent. Sift through each and every rack carefully. It takes time and perseverance to find the diamonds.

3. Step outside of the box. Don't just search the misses department. You can find great pieces to upcycle in the men's and even kid's department.

4. Look past the stain. A lot of things you find in thrift stores are going to be stained, worn, and torn, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth a little extra work. A patch or a strip of lace can bring a piece back to life.

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