Things I'm Pinning Over

Happy Friday Luxers! I have made it through my first full week back blogging. If you are having as much fun as I am be sure to follow my blog on bloglovin and check out all my other social media for regular updates.

Now on to the pins.

I've always wanted to try aerial fitness. Apparently now you can do your yoga moves midair as well.

 These salted caramel chocolate cupcakes are perfect for any season. Let's face it if you don't have that bikini body by now you might as well indulge. (I'm kidding, but seriously indulge.)

I can never resist a mini-diva. This look can definitely be modified for us regular size divas.

I have an obsession with tiny homes, but this is the perfect size for a permanent home if you aren't up for putting yours on wheels.

I'm going on a cruise this weekend, so Monday's post may be a bit late. That's if I can pull myself away from the boyfriend who gets back from Guatemala after being away for 10 days!

There will definitely be a post Tuesday though! In the meantime what are you pinning over?

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