How To Create a Versatile Wardrobe with 14 Basic Pieces

I spent much of my adolescence crash trending (it's basically crash dieting for a fashionista). I grasped onto a trend I liked, bought everything that exhibited that style, and wore it to death for 6 months or so, then switched to something else. I went from skater to boho chic to preppy in just a few years. As I got older I realized that I had a love for ALL styles, and I wanted to be able to create them simply with a basic, but versatile wardrobe. My strategy was to begin collecting a lot of basic pieces that could be transformed with the right accessories. This technique keeps my closet from overflowing and keeps my wallet from emptying. Here are the basic pieces that every fashionista needs to pull off an easy and versatile wardrobe.

Shirts: Pick well-fitted t-shirts in a variety of neutral colors. I like to stick to one style, but you can get a mixture of crew necks and v-necks as well.

Pants: Every girl needs a pair of straight leg jeans and black fitted slacks. No jeggings. Those are not going to be cute in 5 years.

Dresses: My dress must-haves are a casual (shift or a-line) dress, a maxi dress, a colorful cocktail dress for semi-formal events, and one LBD.

Outerwear: A great cardigan or jacket can really complete an outfit. Go for a black or gray cardigan, a leather jacket, and a classic blazer.

The key to this wardrobe is accessorize! Add a statement necklace, colorful shoes, or wrist candy to create an entirely different look. Good luck Luxers!

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