30 Things to Do Alone Before Turning 30

December 01, 2014

Your twenties are all about finding out who you are as an individual. We often spend so much of our time developing relationships, that we forget to develop ourselves. It's important to get out into the world solo to develop your inner self. Then, hopefully, by the time you are 30 you will have an understanding of your core values. So here are a few things you can do alone before you blow out the big 3-0.

  1. Go to dinner.
  2. Go to a movie.
  3. Stay up all night.
  4. Go to a concert.
  5. Read a book in a public place.
  6. Go to a bar.
  7. Do something embarrassing.
  8. Make something
  9. Go dancing.
  10. Volunteer.
  11. Spend an entire day in the nude.
  12. Go on a cruise.
  13. Journal.
  14. Run a marathon (or half of one).
  15. Go camping.
  16. Drive across the country.
  17. Go to a formal event.
  18. Do something adventerous.
  19. Go to a street party.
  20. Cry.
  21. Take a class.
  22. Visit a museum... or two.
  23. Go to a convention.
  24. Stay home all day.
  25. Watch the sunrise.
  26. Go on a hike.
  27. Live in a different state.
  28. Visit another country.
  29. Travel somewhere new.
  30. Live alone

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