How to Downsize Your Carry On

Traveling can be a nuisance for a lot of people. Flying can mean measuring, weighing, and checking luggage. And even then there's a chance everything could be lost. When I travel I try to keep everything with me to minimize tragedy. For my upcoming trip to California I have managed to pack everything I need into one backpack that will fit snugly under my seat. Here are few tips you can use to help you downsize.
  1. Compromise: Downsizing means giving up unnecessary accessories. I've minimized my accessories down to one scarf and my every day jewelry. I'm also taking a small wallet in lieu of a purse.
  2. Minimize: Here's where some people may have trouble. For a 3 day vacation (1 of which is travel) I am only taking 2 pairs of pants. There is no reason you can't wear a pair of pants twice unless you experience severe perspiration. And even if you do, Febreeze is your friend. Spray your pants at night, hang them up, and they are ready for the next day. 
  3. Compartmentalize: A great bag is key to downsizing. My backpack has 2 outer pockets and 4 inner pockets. I'm also utilizing cosmetic bags for makeup, medication, and cords. You can also roll your clothes to save space.
And that's it, with a little commitment you can downsize your luggage for stress-free travel. If you'd like to see exactly what I packed and how check out the video. 

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