Don't Say Goodbye

September 05, 2014
Hello Luxers,
I hope this post finds you well. I wanted to take some time today to get personal. My goal when creating this blog was to add a personal touch without making it about myself, but I feel the need to explain my absence. As many of you know I am a full-time teacher and school started back for me 3 weeks ago. This year has been a huge change for me professionally and emotionally. I went from a classroom of 11 to a classroom of 22 with 2 diagnosed ADHD students, 1 diagnosed ODD student, and immeasurable emotional, psychological, and behavioral problems. On top of all this I work for a small private school with minimal facilities for these kinds of students. But I have nothing to complain about, I'm blessed and these kids are where they belong in many ways. Anyone else would lose their patience and give up. Nonetheless, I have found it nearly impossible to keep Morning Lux fresh. This summer was such a fun time for me beginning this process. I have found such joy in writing even when the audience was small. With all that said I hope that you will stick with me through this absence. Although posts may be few and far between I promise you will see more of me.

Much Love and Lux,

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