Professional Footwear: Fashion and Comfort

When it comes to professional footwear it seems like you have to make a choice, fashion or comfort? Especially for those of us on our feet all day it can be a difficult decision. Now you don't have to choose. Here are some shoes that will make a statement without the sacrifice.

Stay Flat

Toms Flats

Ditching the heel is an easy way to get relief. When it comes to flats I love Toms. The classic canvas is perfect for skater skirts and dresses, but they also have a great selection of sandals and ballet flats. Plus when you buy a pair of Toms you also buy a pair of shoes for someone in need. Comfort and class, what more can you want?

Wedge It


You don't have to lose height for comfort. A wedge heel is the perfect option for those that want a little lift. Wedges offer more support and stability than a typical heel. My new favorite wedge is a pair of crocs. They have a great selection of adorable wedges that are perfect for work including nonslip options. Plus they are top notch when it comes to comfort.

High Heel Appeal
If you just can't separate from your heels try adding an insert. Dr. Scholl's created an insert made specifically for high heels. You can feel like your walking on a cloud while still looking fabulous.

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