Weekend in Review

Non-Profit Coffee
Met up with a friend Friday afternoon for coffee at a place called Credo. Turns out this hip coffee house is actually a non-profit. You choose the price that is fair. I was surprised a place like this survived, but it seemed to have a serious following.

Dinner with Sisaundra Lewis
I've been seeing the woman with the golden lungs everywhere. I guess she's the only "celebrity" we have here in Orlando right now. Other than Carrot Top, I see him every now and then.

Cupacake Break
Stopped by B Cupcakes for these beauties. I'm a real snob when it comes to dessert, but this as close as it gets to gourmet in my hometown. I had the chocolate peanut butter and mom had the Elvis. They were both delicious, but so rich.

All Play, No Work
Tried to get some work done, but this guy wasn't having it. 

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