Weekend in Review: Cleanse Results

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. If you read Friday's post you know my weekend consisted of the 48 hour cleanse. I will say that overall the cleanse was successful, but dreadful. Friday we went to Fresh Market and prepared all of the weekend meals. Here is a breakdown of what we ate. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the same for the 2 days.

Breakfast: Quinoa with Prunes
*this wasn't as dreadful as it could've been, but by day two I was not having those prunes.

Lunch: Blueberry Smoothie
*probably the most delicious of the cleanse meals

Dinner: Vegetable Broth

*plain tasting, but not terrible (except for the cabbage smell seeping through your pores afterward)

Snack: Kale Smoothie, Pineapple/Pomegranate Drink, and Vegetables
*our ninja didn't cut it for blending the kale it was grainy and gross, pineapple drink was okay, and I couldn't eat enough carrots to get full

The cleanse does it's job. It cleanses your liver, kidney, and colon (I'm sure you can imagine the side effects of each). I ended up losing about 2-3 pounds mostly water weight. The key to a good cleanse is the closer. You want to make sure you return to healthy foods. Honestly, this is pretty hard since it feels like you are starving yourself. I tried to count calories the next day to stay on track, but ended up sacrificing real food for delicious Logan's rolls.

If you are looking to lose that weekend water weight cleansing is a great option. However, I think this 48 hour cleanse is a bit restrictive. Try limiting your carbohydrates for the weekend. Eat vegetables rich in fiber. Drink lots of water and avoid foods high in sugar and salt. Then maybe you won't feel the need to reach for that donut Monday morning.

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