Show Your Curves: an outfit of the day

My naturally wavy hair inspired this outfit of the day. I decided to use the inspiration to go with a bit of a summer grunge look. In fact my original intention was too call this post Summer Grunge, but after looking at the pictures yesterday I became distracted by something. 

I started to analyze myself. Should I really be wearing this? My thighs look kind of big and the shirt is really tight. I know I'm not fat, but does this make me look fat?

All of these thoughts were circling in my head, but I stopped and remembered how I felt when I first put the outfit on. I felt natural. Sometimes the camera or even the mirror can distort how we see ourselves. It's important to remember that the natural you, is the best you. So I rocked this outfit to breakfast and even got a compliment by an older gentleman that I had a pretty face. (I tried to overanalyze that too, but in the end took the compliment graciously.) So to all my girls out there I tell you, be natural. It's the best you, you can be.

Stand straight on and show 'em what your made of.

A smile is your best accessory.

Plaid shirt - Kohls
Printed Cami - Aeropostale
Denim Shorts - Garage
Shoes - Toms

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