My Fashion Icons

I had my number one in mind when I decided to write this post, but I must say it's been hard to fill in the blanks. My fashion icons change on a regular basis and my love for the fashion doesn't always match my love for the person. With that said I'm gonna start this off with number 5 and count down to my top fashion icon of all time!

#5 -  Lana Del Rey
The innate sex appeal, the marvelous mane, Lana has it all. I don't know if it's possible to mock that mane, but I will continue to try. (I also rocked those nails for a while)

#4 - Bunny Meyer
Bunny doesn't adhere to any rules when it comes to fashion. You have to admire her effortless glam grunge looks. Plus I've had the opportunity to hang out with her a few times and she's a pretty stellar human too.

#3 - Demi Lovato
Demi's style has always been ahead of the curve. We were both rocking the bowler when she was still on Disney Channel. I can't get enough of her rock n roll edge and fearless hair.

#2 - Lauren Conrad
When it comes to class LC has it all. Despite her success she is still a California girl at heart with a simple chic style. I look forward to seeing her collections every month at Kohl's.

#1 - Mary Kate Olsen
Despite her style being slammed by fashion magazines, Mary Kate and twin sister Ashley are two of the hottest designers in the industry. MK makes you want to raid your grandmother's closet and rock it. Plus those cheekbones!

Who are your fashion icons?

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