Weekend In Review

Let's try to start a new series shall we. I do enjoy snapping pictures of my weekend adventures, and it would be a shame for them to just sit on my phone without being shared. So here is this weekend in review.


Brunch at Keke's: I have to admit the first time I ever went to Keke's I was disturbed by their unhealthy menu options and unnecessarily large portions. The majority of American's don't know how to eat properly and restaurants tend to perpetuate this problem. (Sorry, rant over.) On Saturday I gave Keke's another chance and tried to pick out some healthy options. So I went with the Eggs Florentine, nixed the potatoes, and added this delicious breakfast salad with yogurt, granola, honey, and fruit. Healthy and delicious.

Shopping: Then my mom and I headed over to the mall. The goal was to find her a dress for an event later that evening, but we ended up at Bath and Body Works for their semi-annual sale. I've been super frustrated with them recently because they are constantly changing their products. I did, however, find some replacements for old scents. They also told me that if we bring in the old cases for our hand soaps that they will credit us $2 for the new ones. So I guess I can forgive them.

Here is the whole loot. I tried not to go over board. I really just wanted to get seasonal things that I knew I wouldn't be able to find again.

I bought the Garden Party candle to replace last year's Garden Freesia. I would say these scents are almost identical, it's likely they just changed the name. Something about this candle reminds me of Key West. As you can see it's my favorite for spring and summer.

I also bought Sun Tan to replace last year's Poolside. These two aren't quite as close in scent. I think Sun Tan is a toned down version of Poolside. I'm a little disappointed because I love the smell of sunscreen. Seriously, if they made into a perfume I'd probably wear it, but I know it's not for everyone. As you can see I was trying to save Poolside because they got rid of it not long after it was released.

I also bought Coconut Lime Breeze which smells just like coconut. It's a great fresh scent for summer. And I couldn't resist the Beach Cabana wallflowers. This is another one of my favorite summer scents that luckily hasn't been discontinued yet.

The First Five Years Gala: Saturday night my mom and I went to a gala to support the first five years of education in our community. I'm not going to lie the event was a little lackluster compared to others we have been to, but its always nice to support a cause. The highlight of the evening was watching Sisaundra Lewis perform. She's a Florida girl as well and just finished her run on The Voice. See the video of her performance below.

On Sunday I finally met a long time virtual friend in person. We've communicated via the interweb for 6 years. We only had an hour to hang out so I forgot to snap a picture, but you can check out Peter and his amazing photos here: Flint Photography

I hope all you Luxers (that's what I'm calling you now) out there had an awesome weekend. Share your photos with me in the comments or any of my social media linked in the side bar.

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