Techie Tuesday: The Benefits of Ebooks

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I just recently bought and read my first ebook. I know I'm super late to hop on the bandwagon, but I was very hesitant to give ebooks a try. First of all I felt that the integrity of books may be in jeopardy. Making the switch from print to tech made me feel like I was neglecting the classic pastime. Second there is just something about holding a book in your hands. It feels like a precious treasure. While I still maintain a lot of these feelings I finally saw some of the advantages to ebooks.

  1. Portability: While reading the Divergent series I found myself carrying these large books in my bag whenever I went out. I wanted to be able to read whenever I got some downtime, but I always had my iPad as well in case I needed to work on something. Switching to ebooks meant all I needed was my iPad which minimized the weight on my shoulders, literally!
  2. Cost: The cost of ebooks hasn't always been a benefit, but recently costs have gone down. I purchased The Fault in Our Stars for $2 - $4 less than what I would find in the store. There's also an amazing collection of free books online including classics.
  3. Visuals: I was most concerned that the visual appeal of the book would be lost in technology. However, I was pleased with the quality of the cover as well as the versatility of the font in TFiOS. Ebooks have certainly come a long way since the beginning.
I still enjoy the weight of a printed book in my hands, but ebooks are a great option for all you techies out there.

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