The Steal of a Lifetime

I'm a huge fan of bargain hunting. Most of the things in my closet came from my favorite bargain store, Marshall's. They have amazing brands like Ralph Lauren, Jessica Simpson, and Cynthia Rowley. Sometimes I even have to ban myself from the store because I can't go in without finding an amazing deal. During my most recent visit I found the steal of a lifetime. I've been trying to find a pair of sunglasses to replace a pair of Betsey Johnson's I broke last summer. I was spinning the cart near the register absentmindedly when suddenly my eyes spotted the most beautiful of all sites; a pair of classic Ray Bans rimmed in gold. The price wasn't what I was expecting to spend on a "window shopping" kind of day, but I couldn't resist the deal. For a mere $70 I am now the proud owner of the most perfect sunnies. It may seem like a lot for sunglasses, but I have a serious love for Ray Bans. Plus, they can last a lifetime if you take good care of them. (I still have my first pair).
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The moral of this story is to shop around! You never know when you'll find the steal of a lifetime.

What is your most recent or favorite bargain?


  1. That IS a great find! I love how they are the classic aviator shape, but the gold trim really adds something extra. I also love Marshall's (and TJMaxx) because you never know what you might dig up.


    Another Beautiful Thing blog

    1. Yes! The whole Marshall's family of stores is awesome.


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