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This is possibly the most hodgepodge Pinterest favorites ever, but they might just be my favorite... favorites.

Favorite Sunnies
I am OBSESSED with round sunnies. The sad part is I can't find them anywhere! I saw one pair on Ebay, but they were $2 and came from China. If you have any less shady finds (no pun intended) please comment below!
Favorite Pop
Favorite color pop that is. I was searching for long flowy pants (a current trend crush) and came across these. I love the bright color with the neutral top. Plus the shape makes her legs look killer long.
Favorite Nest
If there's a name for this décor style please inform me, but for now I'm calling it romantic meets woodlands. I love how the natural meets the classic with dark wood and soft white pieces.
Favorite Pout
I'm loving this vampy look. It's definitely something I want to recreate.
Favorite Veganism
This shirt was too cute to ignore. I know my fellow animal lovers can agree. Best part is it can be yours. Check out my Pinterest for the link.
Favorite Celebrity Home
My dream home is a tiny bungalow. Lea Michele's is a little bigger than what I need, but her cozy abode is certainly Pin worthy.

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  1. Those sunnies are gorgeous. I love the mirrore sunglasses that are trending right now. I like the reference on the top to wine and naps. They are two of my favorite things, Samantha. It is nice to get to know what inspires you, Have a great weekend. I would love to follow each other. If interested let me know.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I followed you over on bloglovin. You can find Morning Lux there as well :)

  2. I love that shirt Samantha! It's pretty much my life mantra!!

  3. Always happy to hear from a fellow animal (and wine) lover :)

  4. Maybe the interior is french cottage decor? Just making a guess!


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