Moms Be Trippin'

Mother's Day is almost here, and the last minute shoppers are taking over. Stay away from the masses and plan something different for Mom this year. After all she already has a bag like that. She really doesn't need another pair of earrings. And that photo collage... just no. Instead of buying something that she may never use, here are a few ideas to take Mom on a fun day trip. At least she will be able to keep the memories forever.

Spa Day: Put the gift certificate down! Pick up the phone and schedule the treatments yourself. Make the day for two or just for Mom. Either way make it personal.

Casino: If Mom is feeling a little lucky take her out to the casino. Here in Florida she can cruise the seas playing blackjack or spend the night at the Hard Rock. Research your area to find the best options.
Theme Park: Whether she's a thrill-seeker or a queen there's something for every Mom at the theme park.
Beach: Load up the beach chairs and head to the shore. Download the newest romance on Mom's kindle and soak up the rays. If you don't live near the beach find a resort pool to crash instead.

Add to the list, where will you be taking Mom this Mother's Day?

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  1. Most probably at home, with the whole family together. We would have a great dinner, then do some activities:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog:)


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