The Search for the Perfect Panty

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only girl in the world who cares more about comfort than fashion, at least when it comes to my underwear. All the lacey thongs in the world won't make me happy. My favorite undies are seamless. They are a perfect fit under clothes and never seem to bunch up in the worst areas. It seems like I'm on a never ending search for this perfect panty. Over time I've found a few favorites, but it seems like they are always discontinued or made unrecognizable with crazy patterns.

My first undie obsession started at Victoria's Secret. They had a great line of yoga panties in their Pink line that I couldn't get enough of. They were seamless, comfortable, and invisible under your clothes. After falling in love I decided to go back and get more, but I found the only shades they made were neon or printed with some inappropriate phrase on the crotch. I'll just say that's not my cup of tea.

My next find was at Marshall's. I've always been drawn to the one and only Marilyn Monroe, so when I saw an intimates line with her signature I couldn't resist. Again these panties were seamless and incredibly comfortable. Marshall's is a hit and miss kind of place. When I went back for more... they were all gone and I couldn't seem to find the brand in any department store.

After much grief I decided to try Aerie. Aerie is a branch of American Eagle that sells intimates. I had bought some underwear from there before and thought I would give it another chance. It seemed the only store was an hour away, so one weekend I made the drive only to find the store had closed.

In my dismay I wondered the mall and fell into a store called Garage. I loved the style of the clothes and decided to shop around. As I roamed the back of the store I came across the most adorable undies I had ever seen. Seamless, stretchy, and soft I compiled 5 of my favorite patterns and proceeded to the checkout, and I must say I'm extremely satisfied. Hopefully, they will continue making these little gems, or the search will continue again. For all you ladies looking for the perfect pair. Try out these seamless wonders.

What is your perfect panty? Are you more interested in style or comfort?

*This post is not sponsored by any of the aforementioned brands.

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