Outfit of the Day: The Weekender

I'm so excited to share my first outfit of the day with you guys! This look is very casual and is perfect for running errands. A lot of these items are thrifted, gifted, or inexpensive. So it's a very easy look to put together. Enjoy!

The Outfit

  1. Brown Satchel (gifted)
  2. Navy Vest from Forever 21's Heritage 1981 Collection (thrifted)
  3. Sonoma Tank Top from Kohl's
  4. Delias Jeans, Morgan Style
  5. Gold Strappy Sandal from Payless

The Makeup

I used natural tones on the eyes with a soft pink lip. 

 The Hair

This french braid is super easy and classy. I just french braid my hair loosely starting right above the ears. After tying the bottom I tuck the end underneath and pin.

The Completed Look
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  1. I love your outfit!
    Thanks for the detailing!


    1. Thank you!
      Love your blog as well. I followed via bloglovin :)

  2. Cute outfit!! Love your blog!! Please visit my fashion blog sometime: http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com
    Thanks! Isabel x

    1. Do you have bloglovin? I hardly ever check google+. Link me to it, I'd love to follow you :)

  3. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog (it was actually the first one I've ever gotten!). Your outfit is really cute, I especially love the vest. I also really love your blog in general and just followed you on Bloglovin :)



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