Trend Crush: Coffee Bars

March 19, 2014
Let's face it my world revolves around coffee. It's mine, and millions of others, drug of choice. Have a bad day? Make it better with coffee. Have a good day? Celebrate with coffee. It's a catalyst for life. For that reason, I've recently been obsessed with coffee bars. I love that you can make coffee a central part of your home. Adding a coffee bar is simple and can minimize the clutter in your kitchen. Here are a few essentials to help you create your own brew station with minimal impact on your wallet.

Here's one of my favorites via pinterest. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • A small kitchen island, bookcase, dresser, or table: This is a great opportunity to go thrifting. You can also find some great options at overstock stores such as Home Goods and Marshalls.
  • Hooks: Overstock stores have great shelf/hook combos like the one above, or you can just get plain hooks from Home Depot. Just make sure they can hold the weight of your mugs.
    If you don't want to hang your mugs try a mug set and stand, like this one from
    Pier 1

  • Containers: Try Dollar Tree for some cheap options.
  • Shelf (optional)
There you have it. A quick way to give coffee the honor it deserves.

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