Dress for the Fest

When I was 19, I attended my first ever music festival. It was Warped Tour 2008. My friend and I were most excited about seeing a relatively new artist hit the stage... Katy Perry. Unfortunately, it turned out Katy Perry wasn't performing that day, but we still had an amazing time. There's something about festivals. There's this sense of belonging. It's hard to describe, but if you've been you know the feeling.Thousands of people all in the same place soaking in the energy of amazing music. Maybe that's why I've always enjoyed festival fashion. It brings back the nostalgia, the energy of those moments. Festival season is already approaching, and in celebration I thought I would share some of my favorite festival fashion inspirations. Here's just a few. You can find more on the Morning Lux Pinterest.

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What are your festival inspirations? 

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